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Warp Sampling & Short Production

The latest model developed with higher warp quality faster warping time will manage for small lot-Short production warp.

Outstanding Features

A big reduction of Warping times possible by free selected number of yarn and Plural yarns warping.

Improvement of warping quality

  1. same alignment warping as sectional warping machine
  2. (Multiple lay warping –Band) makes quality- up possible.
    Wound yarns on drum become Flat surface by belt shift speed control according to number of ends per band.
Drum Circumference 7m
Warping Width 2,250mm(Option 2,500mm)
Maximum Warping Length 21m - 490m(Depend on yarn count & density)
Warping Speed 300 - 800m/min
Number of bobbin on creel 16 bobbins
Wound yarn aligning device 35mm stroke Maximum 35mm
Maximum Band width. 10mm per 1 band
Leasing Operation 1 front and 1 back
Wind Tension control &
Yarn break detector
Accumrators and Slide sensors (16 positions)
Operation Switch LCD Touch Display
Operation Software Windows Software (OS _ Windows XP)
Beaming Device Direct beaming (Standard) (option _W type)
Beam flange 1,000φ Length 2,750mm(Max)
Supply Voltage AC200,380,400,415,440V 50/60Hz 3 phases (4 cables)
Power Consumption 25kw Max
Supply Air 0.5 Mpa (5kg/㎠) or Higher