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Outstanding features.

This is general purpose sectional warping machine, with an important function is the machine taken over from an Automatic Machine SW-K7A model which makes simple operation and for the stability of warp beam.


1. Warper
Warper Move on Rail
Working width from 2,000mm
Drum Circumference 3,200mm
Elevation device Effective length 800 - 1,000mm
Inclination 1:5 (11.3)
Range of Warping length 32 - 6,144m
Warping yarn speed 100 - 600m/min
Leasing stand Standrad cross lease
Reed feeding amount Step less 0.03 - 5.0mm/turn
Band width 10 - 300mm
Drum Brake Double Disk Brake
Data input device Equipped with touch monitor
Auto Stop motion At yarn breakage, Length marking
System error, less compress air
Warping motor 11 kw AC servo motor
Yarn breakage point memory Equipped
Warper sifting motor 1 kw servo motor
Auto yarn thickness measure Option
2. Beamer (Separate type)
Beam flange 1.000mmφ
Max barrel length 2.700mm
Beaming motor 15kw
Safety device for beaming Bar type + Area sensor
Beaming start Slow start
Beaming speed 10 - 60m/min Max 120m/min
Beam doffing device Equipped
Beaming tension control Equipped 40 - 400kgf
Optional equipment Zig zag comb device
Oiling device
Press roller

The above is specification of standard SW-S1A model.
Special order specification will arrange it with customer requirement depend on discussion.