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Outstanding features.

This is general purpose sectional warping machine, with changeable angle of Warp drum sloop from 7 to 15 degree. It will help for using several and special kind of yarn.


Warper Move on Rail
Working width
(Drum circumference )
2250mm (2000mm・2250mm・2500mm 2750mm)
3500mm (Spoke type)
Elevation device Effective length 900mm    Inclination angle 7~15°
Fixes or Adjustable angle (Option)
Range of Warping length 35m - 9,000m
Warping yarn speed 50m ~ 500m / min
Feeding pitch 0.03 ~ 5.00/   turn : Step less servo drive
Range of Band width 10 ~ 400mm ( standard)
Length Measuring counter equipped
Data input monitor 8 inch touch monitor
Brake system 100mm(w) Both side high power band brake
 Reed stand feed step less servo drive
Leasing stand 1:1 cross lease (standard)
Beamer Separate type beamer
Beam flange 1,000mm ∅ Max (standard)
Beam barrel length 2,750mm (standard)  Option 
Safety device Bar and Area sensor
Beam doffing device Equipped (Motor control) 
Beaming yarn speed 10 - 60m/min (standard) op
# Option speed control from beam diameter 400mm.
Beaming tension 500- 4500N ( Option : tension control )
Option : Manual control  (OP Auto control)
3. Option device(Customer require)
Warping a) Anti static device  (Front read and Leasing stand)
Beamer b) Oiling device  (Normal temperature)
c) Zig Zag expansion comb  (4 inch comb)
d)Press roller ( 2  rolls type )

# Rails for Warper are settle by local contractor. 
# Creel information necessary if arranged by local.