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Let "ROBO-WARPER" do your precise job

Very often, robots can perform and repeat precise jobs better that human beings. Various manual works needed on conventional sectional warper will belong to this category in view of required uniformity through the warping width.

Susuki’s automatic sectional warper "SW-K7A" is a new product range based on the automatic warping technology proven on its preceding model “SW-K5A” but with enlarged drum size. With its larger drum size, longer warp length up to 6144m may be attained, and more leasing elements may be inserted which enables you to drive the warp sheet in maximum 8 layers for the subsequent sizing process besides normal lease.

Today, work load on preparation department is increasing day by day according as processing of varied short-runs becomes daily practice. Further to cope with “quick response“, more effective warping may be possible by employment of complex machine configuration, such as dual-creel with dual leasing reed-head with “SW-K7A” automatic sectional warper.

Let us forget old good time to have produced more then thousands of meters with one style, and face up to today’s fashion trend. Suzuki offers you a new era of warp preparation.

Simulation of wraping time

The examples here show how you can rationalize Manpower with automated warping machine. With conventional sectional warper,you have to put up as many creels as possible in orderto minimize subsequent manual works during warping, such as leasing, cutting, tying, preparation of next section, etc.

On the otherhand, auto-warper carries out the job automatically. 0nly thing you have to do manually is to take care of the first section. lf you do not mind waiting longer until completion of the beam, you can save a lot of effort to put up many creels. You simply put up and thread as many cones as for one section. The rest of the job is carried out by the machine automatically.

Specifiations of SW-K7A

Outstanding features.

  1. Warp length 6144m
  2. Automatic operation by means of automated leasing and band matching.
  3. Endless warping technology by cut-lease(to be cut after warpjng).
  4. Sizing lease to divide the warp sheet maximum in 8 layers.


Working width 2250mm(90inches)
Drumcircumference 3200mm
Slope 650mm effective length, lnclination 1/5 Maximum Layerthickness 130mm.
Warping length 38 - 6,144m (variable by yam count &Density)
Warping Speed 100 - 600m/min
Automatic leasing 2front lease + 1 rear lease (Standard)
Optional Sizing separation (7 or 8 layers)
Big separatTon(2or4layers)
Leasing reed 1.62mmpitch,401dents. (Standard)
Warping reed 0.07 - 5.0mm pitch, step-less.
Width of section 10 - 200mm
Drum Brake Disk brake.
Datainput device Equipped with monitor display
Auto-stop motion At yam breakage, cut-marking,completion of warping, abnormal easing, etc.
Drive motor 5.5kw. lnverter control.
Yam Layer thickness
measuring device
2.Beamer (Sepatate type, 2250mm)
Beamflange Maximum 1,000mm dia.
BarrelLength Maximum 2,750mm.
Drive motor 11kw, lnverter control.
Safety device Bar type and sensor.
DrivTng start ON/OFF switch equipped with slow start.
Warping speed 10 - 60m/min (Higherspeed Ts attainable after beam barrel diameter grows more than200mm.
Beam inching By means of AC servo-motor 1.0kw.
Beam doffer Drive by motor
Beaming tension Constant torque tensioning device.
Option Equipment Zig-Zag comb device
Oiling Device
Press Roller
3.Other system configuration
Dual creel system with movable Warper/Fixed Beamer.
Dual leasing stand system with movable Warper/Fixed Beamer.